Debuting at Afrofashion Show UK

Debuting at Afrofashion Show UK

Someone once said that fashion is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination.

I could not agree less because for me fashion is simply an apparel serving as a canvas where creativity and self-expression comes to live through stories that became reality with tailored fabrics and colours. This is the story of how the Afrofashion Show UK gave live to various African designer's imaginations through their runway. 



The show itself took place in the heart of Manchester city centre, The Hilton Hotel, Deansgate. The venue was spacious with ease of access to the exhibition room, changing room and runway itself with a well organised reception area, giving a magnificent view of the architecture of the hotel. The moment I stepped into the venue, I knew it was going to be a fantastic experience. Did I mention this was my (alongside my daughter) first debut fashion runway show after many years of running a fashion business. Trust my nerves to be running all over the place. However, the warmth and professional service I got from the organisers calmed those nerves and gave me confidence. 
The highlight of the Afrofashion Show UK was the breath taking models. Their energy were not matched, the laughter, warmth and professionalism made every aspect of the show fantastic. The models made the clothes come alive with each step, buttered with the vibrant Afrobeats music and dazzling lights, they left the audience captivated. I love the way they incorporated dances into my own collection show which tells the story of how my designs are fluid and non-restrictive, yet culturally inspired. 
Another highlight of the event was meeting and presenting our designs to the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Yasmine Dar. It was an honour to speak and even take a picture with her. Also, the event enabled networking and engaging in interactive conversations with other designers, hence fostering increased collaborations among black designers.   However, while I bask in the euphoria of the present debuting on the Afrofashion Show UK, it was also a learning and reflection curve for me especially projecting into the future and seeing my collections gracing the most popular runways in the world. 


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Amazing designer and beautiful designs. Well done.


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